With Ohad Pele
Hosted by Ron Oren and Raquel Minako

5-11 September 2020

Vale do Capão, Brazil

Nature is not just a pretty background for our workshop but a teacher, a master, that we want listen to and work with.
Nature is a wild and sacred tapestry of powers where eros is celebrated constantly. In this journey we will bring the sacred rituals of sexual shamanism to work with the powers nature. We will learn to listen carefully, in several levels of listening — as taught in Kabbalah, to the sacred union of nature spirits and humans, and use sexual shamanism practices from that place of deep listening.

This is an invitation to join us for a special journey in Brazil.
We will have a base camp and go out every day to powerful wilderness spots.

If you have practiced Sexual Shamanism, but were yearning to combine it with nature powers, or if you had been exposed to the spiritual power of nature but wondered how to connect it with your sexuality in sacred awareness — this unique retreat is for you!

More info:
Raquel Minako
+5511 98218-0030

Start Date: September 5, 2020
End Date: 11/09/2020