Kedesha – a Timeless Tale of a Love Priestess – Published in English

Shalom Beloveds I do not know if you heard about the publishing of my FIRST book in English. Yes, I have written several books in Hebrew, though Kedesha was my first historical fiction even in Hebrew. After teaching and writing thought for many years, I just came to a point in which i could not […]

Ohad Pele Ezrahi Speaks about Sacred Sexuality

Nestled in his beloved Israeli desert, Ohad Pele speaks about his personal journey from Orthodox Judaism, to the deepening of his relationship with Kabbalah and its ancient wisdom, spirituality, and mystery, and what brought him to become an international teacher of sacred sexuality. You are warmly invited to watch and listen as Pele speaks about […]


I had a talk today with a woman whose heart tells her to come to an ISTA training, but is afraid that it will shake her monogamous happy relationships. Many people, as i see, get this wrong impression that ISTA is all about open relationships, but this is completely not true. What ISTA is all […]

Lilith and the Ecology of Sacred Union

Lilith & the Ecology of Sacred Union A response to Eco-Feminist theory and discourse  Ohad Ezrahi  \ 2002 One of the most unique Kabbalists who ever lived, Rabbi Avraham Abulafiya (Spain, Italy & Greece, late 1200’s), said that the mystical secrets of the Torah are usually regarded as if they are contradicting its simple meaning. This is […]

A visit to the Abu Hadir family after the murder of their Son Muhamad

“So you are a Moroccan” told me the young Arabic woman in the mourners shade “go back to Morocco! You are not from here!”. We were a group of six people, Jewish, most of us Rabbis, all of us students of our late Rebbe Rabbi Zalman Schakter Shalomi who passed just some days ago. We […]