Pele פלא – Ohad Ezrahi – dedicated decades of his life to the deep research of Kabbala, and the practices of Sacred Sexuality, unveiling the divine core of human sexuality and the mysteries of Eros. After teaching Kabbala in many Rabbinical and academic institutes in Jerusalem and elsewhere he was ordained as a Rabbi (in 2000). He was heading the Yeshiva-Ashram in the Judean Desert by the Dead Sea and Hamakom Community. Later he established together with Dawn Cherie the school of Kabalove, focusing on the mysteries of love, relationships and sexuality. Ohad was heading the Neviah Academy in Tel Aviv, dedicated to the teachings of Hebraic Shamanism and currently he serves as one of the Lead Teachers of ISTA – the International School of Temple Arts, sharing teachings of Sexual Shamanism around the world. 

Pele had published hundreds of articles and 6 non fiction books about new though in Kabbala. In 2016 he published his first historical novel Kedesha about sexual shamanism in the 7th century bce in the Goddess temple in Jerusalem (soon to be published in English too).