Kabbalah Online Course

Have you ever wanted to add spiritual depths to your life and especially to your love life?

I flew through the course with joy and bliss, grit and soil. I resonated deeply with the teachings. I will be sure to go through it again and again. Thank you for this composition. It has propelled me into meeting my soul mate.

Ellie VatesLucid Love Life

Many people yearn for that depth, particularly love, relationships and sexuality.

It is because our culture is quite shallow regarding the depth of terminology and wisdom around those issues.

Cultures and traditions that have something to offer that is deep, usually avoid issues of sexuality – and are “embarrassed” about it.

Ohad Pele has been studying Kabbalah for decades, burying himself in books. He was an ordained Kabbalistic rabbi.

Today his path led him to be one of the lead facilitators of ISTA, the International School of Temple Arts, teaching sacred sexuality in workshops around the world.

Ohad is a spiritual teacher that embodies his wisdom in every aspect of daily life. He has been able to bring the essence of Kabbalah and Judaism to a modern and open minded vision of the world and of human beings. I could not think of a better source to drink from if you’re at all interested in the mysteries of Kabbalah.

Raffaello Manacorda

This online course for Kabbalah focuses on the pearls that he found. There are 28 lectures and two modules. Module 1 offers a thorough study of the Tree of Life, while Module 2 works with the ‘Embodiment of Spirit’.

The course will enrich your daily life, your love life, the way you understand yourself, your relationships and your sexuality.

Once you have signed up for the course, we will invite you to our Private Facebook Group, where you can discuss any questions with Ohad Pele and the other members in our growing online community.

Welcome to the Kabbalah of Love!

I absolutely love the Kabalove online course. There is so much clarity and wisdom in it, poetic imagination, artful understanding!

Alina Isaac