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Shalom Beloveds

I do not know if you heard about the publishing of my FIRST book in English. Yes, I have written several books in Hebrew, though Kedesha was my first historical fiction even in Hebrew.

After teaching and writing thought for many years, I just came to a point in which I could not write theory anymore… I can only guide people who are willing to be guided and as for writing — I can tell stories. That is it (for now).

The historical story that Kedesha is based upon is well documented in the book of Kings II (chp 21-23) but from the point of view of those who won the war, who presented themselves with praise. It took me some years to really understand that these people actually killed those who in ancient times would have been my friends and I…. and that i need to reread the bible from my point of view… that led me to feel and understand things differently. In my book Kedesha (literally meaning “Sacred Woman” the way they referred to the “sacred prostitute” in biblical times) I allowed myself to tell the story untold… to speak about what official Judaism is hiding and denying, but is well known in archeology and academic biblical studies.

Kedesha is a revolutionary book, and as many readers say – it is not only a good story, but it carries a transmission through the words.

I am quite amazed that Kedesha was an Amazon best seller for a day … and it was the #1 best seller in all kind of categories, such as Biblical history or Women’s fiction, at the time of publication (May 2018).

I am so touched when people I do not know write readers reviews such as:

Just the absolute best story. Everything I like to read about and more. Such a great story I will read again and again. A keeper!!

Read the full review by terry72951


If I can give more then 5 stars to this book, I would. Because “Kedesha” definitely deserves it.

It is very hard to find a good compilation of novel and educational material … Ohad Pele Ezrahi did a great job. Writing about sexuality, he didn’t write an easy book about sex. He wrote a saga…

Bruce Lyon wrote a wonderful forward to the book and other writers, such as KamalaDevi McClure (author of Sacred Slut Sutras) added their words too:

Some works of fiction rewrite history — not only because the vivid events take place in the past, but because the bold choices of the characters shine a new light on humanity’s future. This is one such book. A sacred sexual transmission transcends the pages of Kedesha. Reading this story has indelibly touched my soul.

So, beloveds, I want to invite you to buy the book (paperback) or download it from and if you do so and read it — please leave a readers review? This can really help the visibility of the book on a huge market such as amazon. This link will lead you to Kedesha – Download KEDESHA here

One reader wrote that once you start reading it:

It doesn’t take a long time to suck you in and it will never let go

I wonder what would you write… Thanks for reading, and please consider sharing it with friends and posting about the book. Thank you!

Love ~ O.P