Levels of Consciousness

Different levels of consciousness do not share the same reality A new article by Ohad Pele  What IS consciousness is one of the most challenging scientific questions of our times.What I am sure of is that there are many different levels of consciousness amongst human beings.Each level of consciousness creates a unique world view, a […]

The S€x of Power and Money

People tend to think that a person gains power as a result of having money. In this short article, I want to suggest a totally different perspective on that matter: One gains money because one has power and not the opposite.¹ This article is very concise. Each point I make here can be explained in length. Here […]

What is Active Seeing

A new article by Ohad Pele I love when I get to see people. By “seeing” I mean really SEEING them. Not so long ago in one of my ISTA trainings, I could see one of the participant’s soul awakening. She was in her own turmoil and could not notice it. Even when I came […]

Pele @ Tantra Spirit Festival 2020 (Free Recordings)

Here is direct free access to both of Pele’s workshops at the Tantra Spirit ONLINE Festival in June 2020. Click here to enjoy his lecture about “The Deep Meaning of your Sexual Desires”. Click here for the second lecture by Pele, where he talks about “The Kabbalah of Love and Sacred Sexuality”.