What is Active Seeing

A new article by Ohad Pele

I love when I get to see people. By “seeing” I mean really SEEING them.

Not so long ago in one of my ISTA trainings, I could see one of the participant’s soul awakening. She was in her own turmoil and could not notice it. Even when I came to her and told her “I see you” she didn’t yet realise what was going on for her.
Months later she wrote to me and reported how since that ISTA seminar she took, things in her life started to shift in areas she couldn’t imagine being connected. For me, there was no surprise in her report, yet there was a great joy. I SAW her months before. I saw the divine spark in her (that is how we call it in the Hasidic-Kabbalistic tradition) waking up. It was tangible at that time, so I was looking forward to seeing how it would manifest in her life.

Many people walk in our isolated world with the feeling nobody sees them. Not only because authorities are relating to them as statistics, not only because banks and politicians relate to them as means to their selfish goals, but mainly because the people who are most close to them do not really see them.
As children, most of us were sent to schools where teachers didn’t have the talent nor the capacity to SEE us. Some part of our inner child learned this is how it is in this world… I am unseen unless I am serving someone’s interest.

This is sad. Very sad.

A Kabbalistic tradition based on “The Book of Creation” (Sefer Yetzira) relates to each moon cycle as a special time for a specific quality. This moon cycle (Tamuz = Dumuzi) which is shining bright in our skies in July is all about The Power of SEEING.

Modern optometry tells us that the eye is merely a receptor of light waves. Seeing is, therefore, a passive act of receiving information from the outer world through the eye lenses to the brain.
Kabbalah nevertheless relates to SEEING as an ACTIVE phenomenon, projected from the human consciousness outwards to the world, and therefore, as a power that can ACT in the world. 

Seeing is actually not merely the imprint of light waves on a receptor, otherwise, a camera would be considered seeing, but what a camera does is not really seeing.
In order to be seeing the data that registered on the receptor needs to be processed so that MEANING would start to be given to this data.

Without MEANING there is no seeing. A tree is not “a tree”, the sky is not “sky” and even green lightwaves do not register as “green”.
Consciousness is making the act of seeing by giving meaning to the data and information that the eye’s lenses can take in. This act of seeing, the part that consciousness plays in seeing, is to me the active part of seeing, that can impact the outer world. 

Back to seeing a person: If I look at you and all I see is a sexual object, a financial opportunity or a possible disturbance to my otherwise numb existence, it is a function of my consciousness that makes this meaning.

The energetic field between us will be affected by the way I see you and will not contribute to your shine, in fact, it might dim your light.
On the other hand, if I train my consciousness to look deeper, into the Divine Spark in everything, including humans, and SEE YOU into the soul, the energetic field between us will be charged, and might even TURN ON the spark within you to shine like a crazy diamond. 

This moon — Tamuz in the Hebrew calendar — is the month to train our consciousness TO SEE in an active way and to give power to people around us just by seeing them. 

We all need it

Now more than ever 

~ Pele
July 2020