Touch transforms

A new article by Ohad Pele

I’m almost completing my new deck of cards: The Shadow Animal Cardsdeck. Soon it will be in print. But as I’m working on proofing it, I see how much the shadow power of the Locust is relevant to us all these days.

The thing is that locust and grasshoppers are basically the same animal. Certain types of grasshoppers can TRANSFORM into locust  under certain conditions, which has for a long time been unknown to science. 

The mechanism that causes grasshoppers to transform into locust was found eventually and it all has to do with TOUCH:

When grasshoppers start touching each other, serotonin is flushing their little bodies and creates huge transformations: They go through a physical and psychological transformation. They change from being peaceful solitary vegetarian animals into a group that has no leader but has a lot of power. Their color is changing from brown or green to black with yellow dots. They start eating everything, not only plants (in fact locust can even eat sheep wool while still connected to the sheep skin…). They are no longer active at night, but at day time and their females lay three times more eggs. The swarm of locust is powerful, it moves with the wind and can cross seas and huge territories that the grasshopper was never dreaming to see. Nevertheless — it has no leader. It moves in synergy with the powers of nature and carried by the wings of the wind.

Those in power, if they want to prevent the Shadow Power of the locust to rise up in us, will try to prevent people from being in touch. They will try to keep them distanced from one another, so they can be nice harmless grasshoppers, and not rise up like a powerful locust swarm that no army can defeat.

The idea behind the whole deck of Shadow Animal Cards I’m creating is that we as humanity project our shadows onto all kinds of animals, but as we know from Kabbalah as well as from Depth Psychology — behind every shadow there is some gold hidden. By deepening into our  shadows we can explore the powers and superpowers that are concealed within them — if we do our inner work that includes integration of the shadow and deep inner transformation. 

A big article about shadow work that I wrote will be attached to the deck of cards.

The amazing artist Liat Gelerter is finishing the graphic design of the cards these days. My assistant Kat is creating a new website for the cards, where I will share more information and guidance about the work with shadows in general and with the Shadow Animals in particular.

But regarding the Locust shadow… isn’t it amazing that touch can create such deep transformation? By the way, scientists saw that they can even manipulate the transformations artificially by making the grasshopper touch itself a lot… this also creates the flood of serotonin and the inner transformation of the individual into a part of a swarm.

Of course – the shadow side of it is loosing yourself in the mob, loosing individuality and erasing one’s character that many times happen to people when they join a locust cult, but the gold in this shadow has to do with our ability to gain power as a global movement, that needs no leader, while TOUCH, loving touch, is the power of transformation.

What do you think we can learn from this powerful phenomenon?

~ Pele, October 2020