The S€x of Power and Money

People tend to think that a person gains power as a result of having money.

In this short article, I want to suggest a totally different perspective on that matter: One gains money because one has power and not the opposite.¹

This article is very concise. Each point I make here can be explained in length. Here it’s more like short notes that lead from one point to the other. 

  1. Money is energy
  2. All expressions of energy in the universe are what we call “the divine Feminine”. 
  3. The divine feminine constantly dances to the end of love with pure consciousness, or awareness itself, which is what we call “the divine Masculine”.²
  4. Consciousness can appear in million levels of development, from very low and undeveloped level to supreme levels of awareness. 
  5. To the degree in which it appears it will gain power on that specific level. Therefore low consciousness gains a low level of power. As an example ‘macho consciousness’ expresses power in bullying. For this level power only means ‘power-over’. On the other hand, supreme consciousness vibrates power at a high level. This level of consciousness will never seek to overpower anyone. Its expression of power is in pure presence, which vibrates power that others can feel and respect. 

Based on Lurianic Kabbalah³ and other teachings I want to offer three stages of development for the relationship between Money and power, i.e. energy and consciousness:

1st stage: it’s all about ME — macho-like big companies wanting to make big $. Old-time business models.

2nd stage: it’s all about WE — fair trade, ecological business, green NGOs, not for profit, poor hippies …

3rd stage: it’s all about the Divine Soul — presence of the soul in the body, shining its purpose, energy responds sooner or later and big money comes, freeing money itself from possession.

Money, as the feminine lover in this equation, comes big time to stage 1 or 3 of consciousness. Stage 2 is not really in peace with money, so she doesn’t show much…

The difference between the 1st and 2nd stage is that a 1st stage person lives in separation and cannot perceive the interconnectedness of all things. Therefore this person will take care of his narrow interest at the account of others who (“what to do?”) will have to pay the price.

2nd stage person is someone who woke up to the interconnectedness of all things and understands that one cannot really win, while the other suffers a loss. There is only win-win or lose-lose situations in reality. 2nd stage person is, therefore, taking care of the weak in society and the ecology of the planet, while the 1st stage person sees it as a waste of time. 

Both of them eventually care about survival, yet a 2nd degree person realises that humanity will not survive if the bees will disappear and the ecosystem will collapse. 1st stage person will drill for oil if it makes profit while the 2nd degree person will stop the drill if it harms the ecosystem. Nevertheless, it is important to notice that both of them are concerned about survival. 

The part of us that worries about survival is the ego-I. Buddhism nailed it centuries ago that the “I” does not essentially exist, it is merely a useful construction of the mind. The “I” has no real substance. It knows it’s not more than a short blip on reality’s screen and that deep knowing fills it with terror underneath the surface. Getting approval from having lots of money is one of the methods to escape the truth of the non-existence of the I.

But the soul is eternal divine force, therefore it does not worry about survival of the body-mind or the I. It cares about fulfilling its reason for incarnation.

When the soul shines in a person, this person might act in ways that seem totally crazy from the perspective of survival. But the soul does not care. All she cares about is shining her light and purpose through the body. Money loves that craziness and will gather around this high vibration of consciousness. It might take time, mainly because Money itself, as an entity, needs to be released from the holding of low vibrational power. 

When we allow ourselves to shine in the 3rd stage level, we do not work FOR money, and we do not despise money, we love her, but we do not need her. We show up in full presence and She comes. The part of Her that is free enough to respond to this vibration will come. Today we need to free the entity of Money itself from the systems of slavery it is locked in.The shift has just begun! 

~Pele. August 2020

¹ I owe this realisation to my brother Bruce Lyon when, years ago, I was a witness to him being accused by someone (who already passed) that he has power because he has money. Bruce responded saying the opposite: “I actually have money because I have power!” This statement had stuck with me since then and is the seed to this article.

² Within the realm of energy/matter itself the feminine aspect is the wave and the masculine aspect is the particle, and they are inseparable. Their sacred union is the “super position” of the wave-particle paradox in quantum physics. In the ancient language of Kabbalah, they were called “Igulim v’ Yosher” meaning circular and linear, the two aspects of creation. Pure and empty consciousness which is discussed in this article is the source of the linear aspect of matter itself.

³ The Kabbalah of Rabbi Yitshak Luria, known as “the Ari” (the Lion), 16th century, Zefad, that became the main school of Jewish Kabbalah ever since.