Art by Pele


When I was 13 I remember showing my mom a drawing I just made, and I remember her wondering: "why there are always so many breasts in your drawings?" Well,all o can say is that later on in my life other powerful organs started to show in my drawings as well. Not only breasts...


Sacred texts were traditionaly scribed on parchments of animal's skin. We are text. Sacred text, sacred textile, sacred texture, our DNA contains the letters which program our appearence into being. I love working with text and body. Both are sacred to me, and a source of inspiration


Mandala is a form that is born out of meditation and invites the consciousness into meditation. Naked bodies often seen as a distraction to the meditation practitioner. For me it is all just a call back to the center of awareness, the Bindi point in the center of each mandala, which hints to eternity

Nature Eros

Nature is wild and shamlessly erotic. It exposes itself to me through rocks and trees, cracks in reality and merging roots all call us back to love