Black Lives Matter

A new article by Ohad PeleBuffalo NY, June 2020  Like many of you, I can not believe we actually need to say this at all, as if it’s not clear. Black lives matter, red lives matter, white, yellow matter, all the colours of the corn, as the Native American people say, that are similar to human […]

The Kabbalistic Resilience of Community and Shadow Work

A new article by Ohad Pele One of the things I have learned from the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah as well as from my experience of more than 30 years¹ in the world of conscious communities, is the need to design flexible structures. “A person should be as flexible as a bamboo and not as […]

New Album “Splashing in the Light” is out!

Ohad Pele just released a new album called “Splashing in the Light”. It is a Spoken Word album of Ohad Pele’s erotic spiritual tantric poetry, accompanied by original Mediterranean music. Listen with a heart on. Even though the recordings are in Hebrew, many non-Hebrew speakers enjoy just listening to the music and the voice – […]

Finding the Sacred out of any Religion

Where is Humanity headed to now?

Rice or Flowers?

The simple formula for liberation A new article by Ohad PeleHighden, New Zealand, April 2020  A well-known Buddhist story tells about a monk that lived like a beggar. Every day he would ask for charity until he gathered two Rupees. Then for one Rupee he would buy a bowl of rice to feed himself and […]

A Chapter from Kedesha

Pele Ezrahi, Kedesha: A Timeless Tale of a Love Priestess Chapter 27 The priestess dipped three fingers into the blood and smeared the face of one of the men in the congregation with three long red lines, from his forehead to his chin. Uziyah looked around and noticed several other men who had been marked […]

ISTA Level 2 Bali

9-15 November 2020

ISTA Level 1 Bali

1-8 November 2020