I had a talk today with a woman whose heart tells her to come to an ISTA training, but is afraid that it will shake her monogamous happy relationships. Many people, as i see, get this wrong impression that ISTA is all about open relationships, but this is completely not true. What ISTA is all […]

Lilith and the Ecology of Sacred Union

Lilith & the Ecology of Sacred Union A response to Eco-Feminist theory and discourse  Ohad Ezrahi  \ 2002 One of the most unique Kabbalists who ever lived, Rabbi Avraham Abulafiya (Spain, Italy & Greece, late 1200’s), said that the mystical secrets of the Torah are usually regarded as if they are contradicting its simple meaning. This is […]

A visit to the Abu Hadir family after the murder of their Son Muhamad

“So you are a Moroccan” told me the young Arabic woman in the mourners shade “go back to Morocco! You are not from here!”. We were a group of six people, Jewish, most of us Rabbis, all of us students of our late Rebbe Rabbi Zalman Schakter Shalomi who passed just some days ago. We […]