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The Web of Love and Geodesic Domes

By Ohad Pele Ezrahi. 2018 In the current crumbling civilization we are used to seeing love life as something build on a dyad structure: Couples form a relationship of love and share their life together. But as we all well know, a dyad structure is very unstable — just as conventional relationships are. They way […]


LILITH—A BLESSING FOR THE WORLD Ohad Ezrahi / April, 2010 Translated by Yair Ohr Men and women alike need to know how to respect her and how to give her a place within themselves: Lilith—the awesome, untamed, feminine sexual energy. If we do not give her place, she will strike us harshly: she will destroy […]

Hanukah in the Inner Dimensions

Hanukah  in the Inner Dimensions by Rabbi Ohad Ezrahi Tradition is a tricky thing. It has many layers, and in order to find the inner meaning of it one needs to dig down to the mysteries. On the outer layer of Judaism it seems that Judaism deals a lot with history, and so Passover is […]

Jewish Paganism: Oxymoron or Innovation?

Jewish Paganism: Oxymoron or Innovation? Jay Michaelson December 9, 2005, in: The Forward I was skinny-dipping in the mud springs on the shores of the Dead Sea with Rabbi Ohad Ezrahi, a longhaired renegade kabbalist who runs a commune in the Judean Desert. We were enveloped by the softest, silkiest mud I’ve ever felt — it […]